Customer oriented service increase the value of products!

Service is the root of Sine’s development. Our sales concept is standing together with our customers regardless of the situation. We will judge our performance on how well we satisfy our customers’ needs and be guided by the belief that our customers will ultimately determine how successful we will be.

After sales service:

The Sales will inform the customers within 24 hours after delivery;

The Sales will keep satisfaction investigation of clients periodically, analyzing and summarizing customers’ requirements and market potential demands;

The Sales will firstly make feedback to Quality Department with written form once receiving customers’ complaints about products. Then Quality Department will make analysis, take corrective actions, trace and validate implementing effects and finally inform the results to the Sales. The Sales will send these related documents and analysis to customers to get their satisfaction confirmation;

Transportation service:

We can provide various transportation: By Air, By Sea, TNT / DHL / UPS / Fedex Express etc.

Engineering design and technical solution:

We have strong ability in technical solution especially in Engineering and Design. We are committed to designing and developing services and continuous improvement. Our engineering staff has more years of experience in magnet manufacturing, testing, quality assurance.

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